General Information :

  • Data Acquisition System for Test Records of Quarter Turn and Multi Turn Valves.
  •  Measurement of opening time, closing time, Dwell time at full open condition. Dwell time measurement at full close condition. Measurement of linear travel distance of valve stem.
  • Display of no of cycles
  • Adjustable forward and reverse speeds for opening/closing of valve.
  • Measurement of torque during valve opening and closing at various angular position, different line pressure.
  • Counter memory will be retained at the time of sudden power failure.
  • Different models can be built up to suit different size and torque requirement.
  • Prefilling pump ( optional ) for prefilling the valve before test
  • Hydraulic Driven/ Air driven pump for high pressure built up of water.
  • Pressure release solenoid / pneumatic actuated valve
  • Suitable for angle flanged stop valve, straight way valve, straight way union, offset straight way union and other quarter turn valves
  • High precision pressure sensor for line pressure measurement.
  • The present model is suitable for 10 to 100 Nm / 5 to 25 RPM

Graphs / trends can be plotted for followings :

  • Torque v/s percentage opening at a fixed line pressure
  • Torque v/s line pressure


AWWA C 504 


• Vertical Mounting of valves with stem/ disk in a horizontal orientation- Ideal for prefilling of valve and mandatory for POD test
• Manual Clamping arrangement as this is not a regular production testing machine.
• Mainly Designed for carrying out
• Hydro shell test with high pressure water / Air seat test can also be done
• Low Pressure Prefilling pump arrangement for prefilling of valve before test
• Water Tank with Level controller and Drain Valve.
• Water filtration and recirculation system
• Manual Air and pressure relieving valves
• High Pressure water generation and control system
• Air seat pressurization system and components for 7 bar
• Pressure Transducers for feedback and digital display

• Test as per AWWA C 504 Guidelines
• Pressurization and Depressurization cycles as per maximum set pressure and atmospheric pressure
• Feedback of Disk Open and Close position during cycling
• Pressure maintenance during holding phase

• Electric control panel with reputed components such as MCB, SMPS, relays, contactors, signal conditioners, isolators etc
• Cooling Fan, Tube lights, Additional plug sockets , Filters
• Standard enclosure
• PLC hardware components
• PLC will control the operational Sequence and display the status of operations on HMI
• HMI for ease of operator
• Display of test results on HMI
• Editable stabilization and holding time
• Display of number of cycles
DAQ SYSTEM ( Optional )
• A normal PC or IPC ( optional ) for maintaining the test reports
• Reports can be saved in an excel format / pdf format
• Customized test reports with company logo and pattern can be designed and incorporated.
• Scada licence software with hardware lock
• Designing of scada screens and programming for operators interface.
• Reports can be saved and printed as per the requirement and can be transferred to another pc by LAN or by mail.
• Test Results in Graphical and Analytical mode
• MS Acess / My SQL Database ( Optional )
• ODBC compatible database format required in case of integration with SAP system ( Optional )