• Stainless steel Test Cabinet with top open cover with rigid clamps and transparent poly carbonate sheet for test visualization
  • Pressure regulators for adjustment of air test pressure and hydro test pressure
  • Solenoid operated valves for air and water application
  • Safety interlock for releasing pressure from test component when emergency push button is pressed
  • Tower light indication for status of test . Green light when system is without pressure. Red light when component is under pressure.
  • High Precision Pressure Sensor for feedback and display.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for dipping the test component inside water and taking out of water when test is over ( holding time completed )
  • Air operated pump for hydro burst test with water fluid
  • Push Buttons for initiation of leak , burst test and up-down movement of test components.

Specifications of offered machine :

  • 1 station
  • Radiator size : 450 X 500 X 70 mm
  • CAC size : 450 X 160 X 100 mm
  • Burst Test Pressure : 15 Bar
  • Leak Test Pressure : 2 to 3 Bar
  • Type of test : Wet Leak air test + Burst Test




  • Suitable for TATA-2515, TATA-2518, TATA 4018, TATA 1613, CUMMINS 250 KVA
  • Radiator size :  790 mm x 560 mm x
  •  No compressive Load on Radiator Body. Flange to Flange type clamping system is adopted.
  • Easy loading of radiator and Pneumatic clamping system for sealing between dummy sealing tank & body.
  • Dipping of radiator in water to witness the leak test inside water tank by use of cylinders.
  • Pneumatic system for imparting controlled air pressure and display of pressure holding time
  • Different size of radiators can be covered in a single machine. Size Ranges from 300 mm to 1000 mm in width and height.
  • Push Button Operation for carriage horizontal movement for matching with radiator height.
  • Push Button Operation to dip the radiator inside water tank and take out the radiator from water after completion of test.

Radiator Cleaning Machine :


Equipment Related Information :

  • Closed Enclosure with poly-carbonate sheets for viewing from top as well as sides . Handle to lift the door. Rounded corners in fabrication to avoid injury to operator
  • Electric control panel with push button operations
  • Geared Motor with frequency drive control for soft start and stop.
  • Safety mechanical locks in the top door
  • Tower light –red indication during machine operation.