BTB : Breather Valve Test Bench 


Suitable for testing and settings of tank relief valves such as breather ( pressure/ vacuum ) relief valves, emergency tank vents and vacuum breakers.
Different models to suit different maximum size of valves
Range : 2”- 20”
6 Nos T-groove slots for clamping the valves
Can clamp the most exotic shaped valves
Clamping Table is directly connected to 60 to 80 ltr test vessel to have accurate and reliable test results.
Range of Vacuum : -25 mm WCG to -500 mm WCG ( -20 Inch WC)/ -50 mBar
Range of Positive Pressure : 20 mm WCG to 20000 mm WCG /2000 mbar/ 2 bar/29 PSI
Suitable for flanged end valves.
Digital Display of crack pressure

Type of test :

Set pressure detection for positive pressure
Set pressure detection for vacuum pressure


PLC / Special Hardware will record the pressure / vacuum value during test and will be displayed to local HMI
The peak point will be freezed over HMI screen even after completion of test to be able to read the peak
positive pressure point / vacuum break point
Protection to Analog channel with highly reliable isolators
Rittal or elden enclosure
Branded electrical switchgear components


The automatic Data Acquisition System will be equipped with DAQ hardware to log data for set pressure value / vacuum value automatically with the help of high precision Differential pressure / vacuum sensor
Alternatively, To generate and save customized reports in the computer, a PC based software and other required accessories will be included.
This will help maintaining all the records inside the pc. USB / LAN can be used for communicating with test terminal for transferring the test reports to customer via internet.
Branded Computer with scada hardware and software with required harddisk and memory will be used